Canada House of Commons Condemns the 50th Anniversary  of the illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus!

PSEKA applauds Canada’s House of Commons for the unanimous resolution condemning the 50th Dark Anniversary of the illegal, brutal invasion and continued occupation of 36% of the Republic of Cyprus.  
PSEKA applauds and expresses appreciation to “MP Niki Ashton” for introducing the resolution that also pays tribute to more than 33,000 Canadians who served as peacekeepers in Cyprus.
As we approach July 20th, we remind the free Western Democracies that 36% of European territory is under occupation by 40,000 Turkish troops that keep 160,000 Greek Cypriots away from their ancestral homes.
It’s time to hold Turkey accountable for the illegal invasion and occupation in the same manner we hold Russia accountable for the invasion of Ukraine.