“Cyprus is part of the Solution!” Time for the United States to take an initiative to pressure for the removal of the Turkish occupation troops!


Cyprus and U.S. celebrate strengthened ties at U.S. Independence Day event

President Christodoulides and Ambassador Fisher highlight historic milestones and future cooperation.

The 248th anniversary of U.S. Independence was marked with a grand celebration hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia on Tuesday evening. The event, held at the old campus of the University of Cyprus, underscored the deepening bilateral ties between Cyprus and the United States.
President Nikos Christodoulides, in his address, highlighted the significance of 2024 as a historic milestone for Cyprus-U.S. relations, heralding the establishment of the Cyprus-U.S. Strategic Dialogue. “The cooperation between our countries has never been stronger,” Christodoulides said, noting that the bilateral relations have undergone significant changes since Cyprus’ independence in 1960.

Reflecting on the Cyprus issue, Christodoulides emphasized U.S. support for Cyprus’ efforts to reunify the country and end the ongoing occupation. He praised the Strategic Dialogue as a pivotal development symbolizing the mutual commitment to stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean.
“Cyprus and the United States have much to look forward to through continued cooperation in areas like economy, security, innovation, and cultural exchanges,” Christodoulides stated. He reviewed key milestones in recent Cyprus-U.S. relations, including the 2018 Statement of Intent, the 2019 Cooperation Agreement on Security and Energy, the 2021 establishment of the CYCLOPS Centre, and the 2024 launch of the Strategic Dialogue.

U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus Julie Fisher echoed these sentiments, acknowledging Cyprus’ crucial role in regional stability. “Cyprus has positioned itself as part of the solution, assisting its neighbors and promoting stability,” Fisher said. She highlighted the recent launch of the Strategic Dialogue by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Cyprus Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos, anticipating the first meeting in Cyprus this fall.
Fisher emphasized the Strategic Dialogue’s role in enhancing relations across various sectors, including trade, security, and education. “Cyprus is a deeply valued partner for my country,” she stated.

On the Cyprus issue, Fisher reiterated U.S. commitment to a just and lasting peace on the island. She noted the appointment of the UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy as a key opportunity for progress. “We support the UN Personal Envoy’s efforts for a solution that benefits all Cypriots,” Fisher said.
She also highlighted Cyprus’ stabilizing role in a turbulent region, noting its critical contributions to political, economic, humanitarian, and military efforts at Europe’s intersection with the Middle East. Fisher concluded by expressing pride in the progress made in easing travel between Cyprus and the U.S., enhancing security for both nations.

The article was published on knews.kathimerini.com.cy on July 2, 2024