Turkey – Unreliable Ally

As American citizens, we are silently witnessing the so-called “peacekeeping operations” in Syria by Turkey. The invasion into Syria to slaughter our allies, the Kurds, who lost 11,000 people fighting next to American soldiers to save the world from the barbaric, terrorist actions of ISIS!

The peacekeeping operation reminds us of the illegal, brutal Turkish invasion of Cyprus on July 20, 1974, an invasion that killed thousands and displaced 200,000 people from their homes, creating a Muslim fundamentalist state in the occupied area.

The then Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, gave the green light to Turkey to invade the island, and today President Trump, in his “infinite unmatched wisdom,” gave the green light to dictator Erdogan to slaughter our allies, the Kurds!

Although we understand the eagerness of President Trump to bring 100 American soldiers home, we are outraged that we are compromising American values for the sake of expediency!

It is time for Turkey to face the consequences of their actions. We call on the United States Congress to enact sanctions and hold them accountable for crimes against humanity! The true and loyal allies of the United States in the region are Israel, Greece and Cyprus.