Menendez for Senate

A message from Philip Christopher

Fellow Greek-Americans,

Greek Americans have contributed in immeasurable ways to the enrichment of American culture and society. Our parents and grandparents came to this country seeking a better life for their children and grandchildren and have thrived in business, public service, academia and countless industries, so needless to say, Greek American families have a vested interest in the continued safety and security of our community.

Greek Americans have never forgotten their roots, heritage or culture and we must continue to support elected officials who support Greece, Cyprus and the Ecumenical Patriarche. Fortunately, we have the greatest Philhellene in the United States Senate, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who demonstrates on a daily basis his extraordinary love for Cyprus and Greece.

During these unprecedented times, every elected official needs financial support to remain in office. It is extremely important for the Greek community to rally in support of America’s number one Philhellene. We are committed to raise $30k prior to June 30th.  I’m asking all of you to contribute for the virtual zoom fundraiser scheduled for Wednesday, June 24th.

Please make your personal checks payable to “Menendez for Senate” and mail to:

Mr. Tasos Zambas
29 Wakefield Lane
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

If you wish to contribute online, please see the flyer below or click through this link:

Let’s make sure our number one Philhellene stays in the United States Senate.

Very truly yours,

Philip Christopher

PS: All contributors will be invited to a special reception with Senator Menendez in July.