Armen Sahakyan – Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America (Western Region)

Dear Philip, 

We joined with our Cypriot sisters and brothers yesterday — and every day — in remembering the solemn anniversary of Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus. Please know that we stand with you in this fight all the way, and my hope and prayer is that there won\’t be a need to commemorate the 47th anniversary next year, when we kick the occupying forces out. 

I also joined the commemoration webinar yesterday that you had organized with an impressive line of speakers. We also shared the following tagline and graphic on our social media, which received a wide distribution: 

We join with our Hellenic brothers and sisters across the world in commemorating the solemn 46th anniversary of the illegal Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus. We further support the calls for the immediate removal of Turkish troops, artillery and arms from Cyprus as well as for the cessation of Turkey\’s illegal economic blockade against Armenia and Cyprus.

Last year, Catholicos Aram I visited Magaravank, a 10th century Armenian monastery that for centuries served as a spiritual and cultural center for Armenians. In 1974 — among other historical sites — the monastery was seized, ravaged, and looted by Turkish occupying forces. #JusticeForCyprus