In Memoriam: Ambassador Andros Agathocleous Nicolaides (1938-2021)

The International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus Mourns the Passing of Ambassador Andros Nicolaides

During the past forty plus years that we have been involved in the struggle of the Cypriot people for Freedom and Justice, we had to bear the loss of friends and co-workers who died with the dream of returning to their homes and seeing a free and united Cyprus.

Today we lost a true champion of freedom, my friend Andros Nicolaides, who dedicated his life to the cause of the freedom for Cyprus and the return of all refugees to their homes. A man of absolute integrity, he refused to compromise Democratic principles, Hellenic ideals and values for the sake of expediency. His passing serves as a reminder to all of us that we have to redouble our efforts and continue the struggle for the return of all Cypriots to their homes. We are reminded that we have promises to keep, promises to our parents and grandparents and in particular to our children, to see a free and united Cyprus.

We salute his dedication and commitment and no matter how frustrated and disappointed we are. His passing is an inspiration and motivation:

The work goes on,
The hope endures and
The dream of a free and united Cyprus
Will never die!

Farewell my friend and may your memory be eternal.

Philip Christopher


Ambassador (Ret)


Born in Galata on 20 August 1938.

Married to Ero Makri from Ammochostos (Famagusta). They have a daughter, Melina, who is a painter.


Diploma in Journalism, School of Journalism, London, England Certificate in International Relations at the >Institute of Sino- Soviet Studies, George Washington University, Washington DC, USA

Master of Arts (MA) in Government and Politics, University of Maryland, College Park, USA.


English, Italian.


He joined the Cyprus Civil Service in 1960 and the Diplomatic Service in 1964. Served in various positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), and in diplomatic missions abroad: Director of the Press and Information Office at the Foreign Ministry (1964-1966); Press Counselor and Political Counselor at the High Commission in London (1966-1968); Counselor/Chargés d´ Affaires at the Embassy in Washington (1968-1973); in the Political Affairs section of the MFA with responsibility for the Commonwealth, European Affairs and the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe (1968-1974); Minister Plenipotentiary and Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy in Washington (1974- 1979); as the first ever High Commissioner of Cyprus in India with concurrent accreditation in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam (1979-1991); Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva as well as to other

International Organizations in Geneva (1983-1987); Ambassador to Italy with concurrent accreditation to Malta and Switzerland (1987-1991),; Deputy Director General at the MFA; Ambassador- At-Large and Director of Policy Planning at the MFA (1991- 1992); Ambassador to Germany with concurrent accreditation to Poland, Denmark, Austria and the Vatican (1992-1996); Ambassador to the USA with concurrent accreditation to Canada, Brazil, The Organization of American States, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the International Civil Aviation Organization based in Montreal.

During his long diplomatic career he participated as a member of the Cyprus Delegations in international conferences such as the Commonwealth, the Nonaligned Movement, the Council of Europe and others.

During his tenure in Geneva he served as head or member of Cypriot Delegations in International Conferences for the Economic Development in Europe, International Trade, Human Rights, Disarmament and others.

He is the recipient of many honors including awards from the King of Nepal, the President of Austria, the President of Germany, and from Pope Paul A´. He also received the Medal of Friendship from the University of Münster in Germany in 2002 during a special ceremony at the university.

He retired in August 1998.