No F16s to Turkey

July 12, 2023

Dear Friends,

Sometimes perception is reality!

The Greek American community and Hellenes all over the world are convinced that Senator Menendez has superhero qualities, able to withstand pressure, overcome obstacles and win against all odds!

His defense of human rights and freedom for Cuba, his relentless fight against the 49 year occupation of Cyprus, his inspirational speech for recognition of the Armenian Genocide, his political acumen for the 3 + 1 legislation and the lifting of the Arms Embargo on Cyprus has propelled him to a folk hero status who cannot be defeated.

As we witness the continued Biden policy of appeasement and watch Sweden neutralize its integrity, the only remaining hope is that Senator Menendez will once again stand up against the blackmail tactics of Erdogan. The S400 missiles remain in Turkey, the 49 year occupation of Cyprus continues, the Kurds who fought against Isis are bombed and NATO continues to appease Turkey!

No F16s for Turkey!

Philip Christopher