US Embassy to lead American evacuation from Haifa to Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus, as it did during the Lebanon crisis, provides safe passage for American citizens. We express our appreciation and salute the strong strategic partnership with America.

The US Embassy in Nicosia is organizing the departure of US citizens from Haifa to Cyprus by sea on Monday in cooperation with Cyprus, the Embassy announced via the X platform on Sunday.

The US Embassy in Nicosia says that is partnering with the Republic of Cyprus to support the assisted departure of American nationals from Israel, noting that an alternative maritime option has been announced, providing a link to information for US nationals who wish to leave Israel in this way.

The US Embassy in Nicosia encourages those who choose this alternative “to book onward travel out of Larnaca (LCA) or Paphos (PFO) airports in Cyprus.”

“The U.S. Embassy strongly advises against any travel or accommodation options which websites may pull up in the north of the island, (i.e. Ercan Airport – ECN),” it is noted, referring to the illegal airport in occupied Tymbou.

“The US Embassy cannot support any access or movements in the area north of the buffer zone,” it is added.

The article appeared in Knews on October 16, 2023