The sale of the F16s to Turkey should be tied to the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Cyprus.

Betrayal of Cyprus

 “Not one cent, not one dollar, not one tank, not one airplane until the Turkish troops withdraw from Cyprus”

Senator Joseph Biden

Hours after Turkey deposited the “Instrument of Ratification” for Sweden’s accession to NATO, the Biden Administration approved the sale of F16 fighter jets to Turkey.

Once again, the Erdogan blackmail worked and to appease the Greek American community, the $23 billion F16 sale to Turkey was coupled with an $8.6 billion sale of advanced F35 fighter jets to Greece!

Forgotten once again, is the illegal brutal invasion of Cyprus and the continued occupation of 36% of its territory.  Forgotten is the history of actions by Turkey in opposition of American interests:

  • Anti-Israel policies
  • Support of Hamas
  • Support of Isis
  • Support for Putin and Iran
  • Criminal actions against Libya and Armenia
  • Bombing of our allies, the Kurds

As we approach the 50th dark anniversary of the illegal invasion of Cyprus, we urge the Senate and House of Representatives to hold Turkey accountable and not give in to blackmail!

It’s time for Turkey to withdraw its 40,000 occupation troops and the 300,000 illegal settlers from Cyprus.  We urge the Senate and the House to reject the Biden request!

Philip Christopher