April 1, 1955 is an Anniversary of Remembrance and Honor to those people whom history today recognizes as Heroes, marking the day of the beginning of the Freedom Struggle of the Cypriot People against the British occupation with the goal of the longed-for Union with mother Greece. The entire Hellenism recognizes and honors the greatness of the Struggle and the sacrifice of the Heroes of the National Organization of Cypriot Fighters EOKA, which paved the way for the independence of Cyprus.

Cypriot Heroes such as Grigoris Auxentiou, Kyriakos Matsis, Markos Drakos, Michalakis Karaolis, Evagoras Pallikaridis, Iakovos Patatsos, and so many other lads of Cyprus are a valuable part of the bright, long-term course of the Megaloniso, thus writing its own their page in the centuries-old history of Hellenism.

Cyprus today, although a member of the European family since 2004, still faces the international crime of the illegal invasion and occupation of approximately 40% of its territory by neighboring Turkey.

But its people, together with world Hellenism are fighting for justice, a justice that will come with the achievement of a just, functional and sustainable solution that will end the occupation and colonization, will reunite the land, the people, the economy and institutions. It will ensure the right of return of refugees and all the basic human rights of all its legal citizens in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations Organization on Cyprus, the principles and values of International Law.

The 1st of April and the sacrifice of the young Heroes of Cyprus, are the starting point, the springboard of the power of global Hellenism but also of all the members of the European Union and the world organizations to fight and achieve the justice that the People of Megalonisos have been waiting for for so many years.

Dr.Olga Sarantopoulos
Hellenic Society of Austria
Elected World Secretary of the Council of Greeks abroad SAE (2003,2006)