US ambassador’s meeting with president focuses on aid corridor

By Nikolaos Prakas

US ambassador Julie Fisher discussed the humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza with President Nikos Christodoulides on Wednesday.

The two met at the presidential palace, where Fisher explained that the US is working for aid to reach Gaza through any means necessary.

Fisher met on Wednesday with Christodoulides and praised the role of the foreign ministry and the authorities at the port of Larnaca for the humanitarian corridor.

The ambassador said she had a wide-ranging and thorough discussion with the president and that US-Cyprus relations “are truly at a level we have never seen before”.

“We are doing so much together to support stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, we are doing so much to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza, we work together at the law enforcement level, through military channels, we work so very closely together to bring Cypriots and Americans together, we have such a broad and rich agenda, it is a great pleasure for me to return again this morning (to the president’s office) to discuss this agenda very thoroughly,” she said.

Responding to a question on when the pier being built by the Americans will be ready to be moved into the sea, in Gaza, to carry aid, Fisher said they are in the process of completion, but conditions at sea do not allow its movement, expressing hope that this will happen as soon as possible, that is, to move the platform into place.

She said that there is a lot of work going on in the port of Larnaca as well to prepare the humanitarian aid, to get the pallets (of food) ready.

She added that she wanted to commend the incredible leadership of the foreign ministry, the port authorities and others who worked even this holiday weekend to ensure that the humanitarian aid, the food that is so desperately needed on the ground in Gaza, is delivered as soon as possible.

The article was published in the Cyprus Mail on May 8, 2024.