48th Anniversary of Turkey’s Illegal Invasion and Continued Occupation

“Although relations between the United States, Greece and Cyprus are great and we share the same Democratic values, you must remember that the United States shares military, economic and geopolitical interests with Turkey!”

 The above statement from a high American official not only explains why we are commemorating the 48th anniversary of the illegal and brutal invasion of Cyprus, it also explains why the Biden Administration is tolerating the continued threats from Turkey against Cyprus and Greece.

 As American citizens, we are disappointed and frustrated that for 48 years, Republican and Democrat administrations have compromised principles and ideals for the sake of expediency.

 On this 48th black anniversary of the illegal invasion of Cyprus, we call on President Biden, the leader of the Democratic Western world, to end the occupation and exercise appropriate pressure on Turkey to bring a just and viable solution to the Republic of Cyprus, a member of the European Union and a strategic partner of the United States.

 The work goes on,

The hope endures and

The dream of a free united Cyprus

Will never die!


Philip Christopher